All the blue spots in the map above are KUL departments!!!!!!!!!

Hereby you will find information on short term rental of furnitured studio's at the Sint-Jacobsplein in Leuven.

The studio's are located in between the KUL university hospitals, at a five minute walk form the old city center and from most of the university services and all accomodations nearby.

What we have to offer:
- Modest however fully furnished studios suited for one person
- wireless internet, as well as water and electricity , all included in the price except in case of excesses or written otherwise. Central heating mesured by Techem radiometer, you can follow yourself the stand of the heating consumption.


We only demand 350 euros as deposit for tenants who rent through the KUL services. This amount doesn’t even constitute one month’s rent.

Practical procedure:
- You confirm your reservation by transferring the first month rent.
- All information on the banc account numbers is to be found in the proposal.
- At the beginning of your tenancy ( your arrival ) you pay the deposit and further every month the monthly rent. (See proposal)
- One week before your departure you’ll receive the end calculations
- After turning in the keys, the difference with your deposit will be payed back to you

The renting takes place very smoothly and depends since 25 years on a good cooperation with the KUL services and their national and international guest professors, researchers and postgraduates.

If you are interested I need following information to send you a free proposal:

- your name
- your official home adress
- your nationality
- name of the department you will be working in Leuven
- name of your Professor in Leuven
- name of your responsable in Leuven or the department
  secretary (by preference Dutch talking)
- her tel.number and e-mail
- the exact moment of arrival and duration of your stay
- smoker/nonsmoker

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information by telephone or e-mail.

You will always receive a proposal without obligations straight from the owner.

With our friendly regards,
Veerle, Erika and Evelyn

Tel./Fax.: 00 32 (0)53 42 00 18
or 0499 740 929

Watch the pictures of the studios and a map of Leuven !!!!!!!
All the blue spots in the map above are KUL departments!!!!!!!!!