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Getting Traffic To Your Home Page or Landing Page That Isn’t Converting Into Sales Leads? 

Let Me Rewrite Them So They Start Sending You Prospects Immediately!

Hi. I’m a B2B Direct Response Copywriter and Strategic Advisor who uses my copywriting and sales experience to help you inject selling power into your home page or landing pages. 

I’ve spent over twenty years crafting home pages and landing pages that generate sales leads for industry leaders like Siemens, Kenworth Trucks and Kimberly-Clark. And, for a lot of great smaller companies and business owners too.

It doesn’t take me long to spot the weak areas in your sales copy where you are essentially giving away leads, sales and profits.

Here’s the good news: Often, the issues causing the lack of response can be quickly fixed by applying the proven, timeless copywriting and marketing strategies needed for marketing success.

In a very short time, the conversion results from your home page or landing page can be transformed from an inconsistent trickle of sales leads to a steady stream of qualified prospects who are ready to take the next step in your selling process. 

And, I guarantee my work. If you are noy completely satisfied with the new results, I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

For a free, no-obligation estimate, 920-463-1961 or call Gerry Black at 905-716-7130.


Problems We Solve

Let’s cut to the chase: Small business owners and entrepreneurs come to MarketingWriter to fix their problems.

Marketing Services

The Marketing and Copywriting services I offer are designed to help you answer these questions in a way that will virtually make you irresistible to qualified prospects.

Copywriting Services

Website, emails and sales letters aren’t generating the sales leads you want? Learn how we can attract more prospects and set you up for selling success.

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